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Astrojet Studio

Creative Solutions


Creative Consulting

Whether you are working on a super limited collectible or the latest AR app experience we are here to lend a hand to bring your dreams to life. Our background spans desktop and digital gaming, high tech and low brow toy design & manufacturing to licensing with the biggest IP’s in the pop culture space. We can help brain storm with you and will work as part of your team to make sure your vision is realized.

Creative Solutions

We’ve been to the moon and back and have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you find the right designer, manufacturer, developer or licensing partner to make your project a winner. On our long and crazy ride we’ve made a few friends across the galaxy and we are always happy to find the right partners for you.

Creative Support

Maybe you have already designed that sophisticated space suit to get you to your end goal and you just need a solid team watching the monitors as you shoot for the stars. We are able to provide project management and logistics support for a single project or for a five year mission across the galaxy. Astrojet Studio can keep you on track and across all the details.

Our Clients

We have been fortunate to partner with the best artists and brands on the planet and learn from our collaborations with the best developers and manufactures. We work with partners both big and small to help realize their success.

Let’s Talk

We are here to help, if you want to talk collectibles, design, licensing, creative strategy or about a new project. Heck, we can always just catch up on the latest designer toys, pop culture art and tikis!

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